Cedar and Basswood Blinds

The natural beauty of Timber Venetian Blinds complement so many decorating styles, from the federation look through to country and contemporary decor. The Timber Venetian has long since had a place in many Australian homes. Combined with modern componentry the Timber has seen its popularity revitalised and become a highly sought after addition to many homes.

Timber Venetians are manufactured to order and have the option of left or right-hand control. All slat is cut and punched out of Cedar and the colour range spans from traditional stained or oiled wood tones to painted finishes for a more tailored appearance. Cedar slat is available in 46mm. All blinds are finished with matching pelmets, tapes, cords, buttons, bottom-rail and tassels.

As timber is a natural product you may see a blending of slight variations of your chosen colour. Fabric tapes are an option that allow you to give a decorative element to your Timber Venetian blind. The wider than normal fabric tape increases light control as it coveres the punch holes when closed.

Sorrento Timber Venetians uses Kiln-dried Basswood that provides a consistent high fashion look and finish. The Venetian slats are stained, lacquered and buff waxed to increase the stability of the finish. Available in 50mm they are not unlike their cedar counterparts, but are available in a wider range of stain finishes.

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